Stove Camps in 2012

In 2011, the BEF (Biomass Energy Foundation) held Stove Camps in Australia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Honduras and Uganda. In 2012, at least four Camps (see listing below) will be offered in Massachusetts, Tennessee, Honduras and Kenya.

Each BEF Stove Camp is a five-day, structured learning experience which features hands-on experience plus theory & instruction on gasifiers of numerous types, but focusing on pyrolytic Top-Lit UpDraft (TLUD) technology for cookstoves (and larger devices for thermal energy and biochar CHAB). In each Camp, the technical foundation, practical skills, and fabrication methods of constructing biomass-fueled devices are taught and put into practice with hands-on efforts by the participants. Despite their similarities, each Camp has sufficient differences and updates to merit repeat attendance. Camp sizes are typically limited to 15 to 30 participants (subject to change in special circumstances).

A typical BEF Stove Camp starts with a social gathering Sunday evening, followed by two days of structured learning, building, and burning. Typical days are divided between discussing combustion concepts, learning fabrication techniques while building small prototype devices that demonstrate the concepts, and operating the devices on both supplied and locally-available fuels. Evenings are opportunities either for social gatherings (including one meal prepared on the stoves) or additional activity time where small, collaborative groups of 2 to 5 participants fabricate and operate biomass-burning devices with an emphasis on learning from the insights and experiences of fellow participants.

The final two-and-a-half days feature focused applications of the acquired skills to individual circumstances as dictated by personal interests, unique fuels or culturally-specific opportunities (determined by participant interests for each camp). The instructors work in conjunction with small groups of “makers and testers” using supplies available to prototype concepts and verify designs.

Upcoming BEF Stove Camps currently planned for 2012 are listed here in order of their date. Click any for details.

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