New Book Available: Make Your Own Biochar Stove – Quick & Easy 2

“Make Your Own Biochar Stove – Quick & Easy” is the first book in the “Getting Started With Biochar Series” by author Kelpie Wilson. You will learn how to make from recycled materials a simple stove that will cook meals and make biochar from clean, dry biomass. This book is for gardeners, teachers, students and anyone who is interested in basic survival skills. It is oriented toward people in industrialized countries who have access to waste tin cans of various sizes, and wood pellet fuel.

The stove uses two tin cans and very simple tools – a hammer, nail, pliers, wire cutter and can punch are all that you need. The book includes a section that explains how the stove works using TLUD principles. The author is grateful to Paul Anderson, AKA, Dr TLUD, for reviewing the book and making many helpful suggestions.

The book also contains background material on biochar and some suggestions for using the stove project in educational settings. The author has conducted stove-making workshops for all ages, from elementary school students to elders. Participants had an enjoyable and safe experience making the stove and using it to cook snacks and make tea.

To purchase the ebook, please go to The purchasing platform accepts PayPal and all major credit cards.

Kelpie Wilson is offering a limited number of ebooks to those who cannot afford the $5.95 price for the book. Please send an email to Kelpie through the email link at the website: In your email, please explain your biochar goals and your reason for wanting a free copy of the book.

2 thoughts on “New Book Available: Make Your Own Biochar Stove – Quick & Easy

  • Sanu Kaji Shrestha

    Dear Kelpie,
    I am from Nepal and a friend of Dr. Paul Anderson. Last time I met him in Cambodia in March 2013. I would live to read “Make Your Own Biochar Stove – Quick & Easy” as we are providing training on biochar making from the dried biomass wastes from farm and forests to the rural community in Nepal. As our banking procedures are very lengthy to get foreign exchange for sending money to you, I would appreciate it if you can send a CD/DVD or authorize us to make copy of the book from the internet. I look forward to hear from you asap.
    FYI, I got training on biochar making from Prof. Stephen Joseph, NSW University, Sydney during his visit to Nepal in March 2012.
    Warm regards, Sanu Kaji
    Founder Chairman, Foundation for Sustainable Technologies (FoST)
    Kathmandu, Nepal.

    • admin Post author

      Dear Sanu Kaji,

      Thank you for your comment. I sent your message to Kelpie this morning, and she will indeed be sending you the book (she will be communicating with you directly).

      James S. Schoner
      Website Administrator

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