Awamu Biomass Energy Receives 2013 SEED Award for TLUD Gasifier Work

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) announced a 2013 SEED Award to Awamu Biomass Energy Ltd on 31 October for further efforts with its TLUD gasifier cookstoves in Uganda. The award to Awamu is in the “Low Carbon” category (10 awards).

Detailed information about the 34 recipients of the 2013 SEED Awards can be found in the article (click link to view) at the United Nations Environment Programme website. A Chinese website also published an article (click link to view) about the UNEP announcement, but with less detail.

Below is the full picture (not cropped) used in the UNEP article. Taken in February 2013, the picture shows the Awamu Quad 3 TLUD stove at a community demonstration meal in Kimuli, Uganda with volunteers Jessica D’Itri and Alison Etheridge (ex-Peace Corps – Nicaragua), plus Dr. Paul Anderson and Awamu’s executive officer, Nolbert Muhumuza (orange shirt behind Anderson).

Awamu Biomass Energy Demonstration Meal with Quad 3 TLUD Gasifier Stoves