Troika Series of TLUD Stoves

The Troika™ TLUD Stove model is the 2013 addition to the “Champion Family” of TLUD cookstoves that include Champion (2009), Mwoto (2010), and Quad (2012). All four stoves have the same basic dimensions and performance, but with distinct constructions.

The Troika™ has all of the fundamental TLUD characteristics, plus evolutionary enhancements, and can be either ND (Natural Draft) or FA (Forced Air). The stove design features three legs (wooden) for greater stability and cool handling. In addition, a stainless steel “bowl-grate” can permit continuous TLUD-BB operation. The stove can have a “pot on top” configuration (like Mwoto & Quad) or separate pot support (like Champion). Component pieces allow easy local assembly and maintenance. And finally, the stove can be enlarged beyond residential cookstove sizes, including for biochar production.

Dr TLUD makes the Troika™ designs available to all who participate in transparent further development. “Fair play” is expected, and cooperative efforts are encouraged. Stove Camp training for fabrication, household usage, and charcoal or biochar production can be arranged.

All current and future resources (including all key paper publications) pertaining to the Troika™ series of TLUD Stoves are collected and accessible at the following Resource Access Page: