TLUD and Fixed Bed Gasifier Bibliographies

Two bibliographies have been compiled and shared by Dr. Julien Winter (Cobourg, ON, Canada), to whom we give our sincere appreciation.

The first bibliography concerns “Fixed Bed Gasifiers” and is mainly of items before 2005 when the “TLUD” name for Top-Lit UpDraft gasifiers was first used. Many items in this bibliography contain information about movements within the pyrolysis zone.

The second bibliography is more contemporary about “Real TLUDs”, although some items are not about TLUDs at all.

Neither bibliography is considered to be exhaustive, so readers are encouraged to email our website administrator with additions, corrections, links, and annotations to enhance these two bibliographies.

Disclaimer: The listed documents have not been screened or specifically evaluated by the Dr TLUD website staff; their content is solely the responsibility of the specific authors.