Fundamentals, Development, and Scale-Up of the Air-Oxygen Stratified Downdraft Gasifier (SERI, 1988) [PRS88600]

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Fundamentals, Development, and Scale-Up of the Air-Oxygen Stratified Downdraft Gasifier — a 292-page document from SERI (Solar Energy Research Institute) with T. B. Reed, M. S. Graboski, and B. Levie — is made available here from the archives of the former Biomass Energy Foundation (BEF). In 1980 the Solar Energy Research Institute initiated a program to develop an oxygen gasifier to make methanol from biomass. A novel air/oxygen low tar gasifier was designed and studied for five years at SERI at 1 ton/d and for 4 years at Syn-Gas Inc. in a 25 ton/day gasifier. This book describes the theory and operation of the two gasifiers in detail and also discusses the principles and application of gasification as learned over eight years by the author-gasifier team.

This publication was originally sold by the Biomass Energy Foundation (BEF) for $40. Dr TLUD and staff would like to thank Dr. Thomas B. Reed for making this publication available for free distribution.

ISBN 1-890607-03-7

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