An Atlas of Thermal Data for Biomass and Other Fuels, Second Edition (Reed, 2009) [PRT09753]

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An Atlas of Thermal Data for Biomass and Other Fuels — a 290-page document by Thomas B. Reed and Siddhartha Gaur — is made available here from the archives of the former Biomass Energy Foundation (BEF). Thermogravimetric Analysis of Fuels gives the most thorough analysis of fuel thermal properties in compact form. Marcel Dekker edited and published this book in 1998 based on work of Thomas Reed and Siddhartha Gaur done at the Colorado School of Mines under an NREL contract between 1993 and 1996. The original cost of the book ($150) put it out of the reach of most people interested in biomass; in fact, not many copies were sold. It is out of print now, and the rights have reverted to the authors.

This second edition of the book will be useful to all those engaged in biomass and biochar research, development, and implementation, as well as the wider community of energy and fuel research. A new Preface brings it up-to-date, and a new Appendix D gives thermal data on representative charcoals.

ISBN 1-890607-21-7

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