[Stoves] Classification of Stoves and Fuels — important distinctions

Stovers (and users of char-producing TLUD woodgas stoves)

At my website is a 4-page and a 1 page version of a “Classification of
Stove Technologies and Fuels” that I hope you will all consider. The
table summarizes several changes that are important (and supported by
stove performance).


If you agree with it, please use the classification terms correctly in
your messages.

If you disagree with it (but please do not split hairs about minor
exceptions), please discuss it on the Stoves Listserv.

TLUD stoves are NOT “Improved cookstoves (ICS)”. “improved” has lost
significance, and is associated with direct burning of solid fuels,
which is not the case for the woodgas / TLUD stoves.

TLUD stoves are under the major heading of “Modern Advanced Clean
Cooking Solutuions” (MACCS), along with LPG and 4 other major types.


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