[Stoves] FACIT resource is valuable about fuels


The GACC has given us a very valuable tool called FACIT.  

“The Fuel Analysis, Comparison & Integration Tool (FACIT) provides interactive access to data and information generated from a comparative analysis conducted from 2015-2016. The study evaluated relevant environmental impacts associated with production, distribution, and use of multiple fuels used in cookstoves, while also considering social and economic factors. FACIT allows users to visually compare impacts and trade-offs of different fuels used to provide energy for cooking. Stakeholders involved in making decisions related to optimizing the fuel value chain should find this tool particularly useful. The tool should be used in parallel with the full report analysis and findings, which can viewed under the Resources tab below. The study was conducted in coordination with a companion study completed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (EPA/600/R-15/325).”

I recommend that you watch the 14 minute video “Online Tutorial: Study Overview and Getting Starting with FACIT”   that is accessed half way down that cited important first page with links to the Executive Summary, etc.

Making comparisons about many fuels and stove types and eight specific countries, all in relation to different major impacts (Environmental; Economic; and Social & Gender considerations).

There was a Webinar about FACIT a week ago, but the real thing is what to look at.


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