[Stoves] LPG Watch – Update 2017-07-03


FYI.    Attached is an update about the LPG program in India, entitled:

Comments on the National LPG Programme of India
Kirk R. Smith and Ajay Pillarisetti

[They] discuss two of the three major issues slowing usage of LPG by the poor in India and how the new national programme attempts to deal with them:  upfront costs and reliability of refills.   In a later post, we will discuss the third major barrier, the cost of refills for poor families.

The references to stove stacking and people using solid biomass fuel stoves (e.g., wood) do not include any TLUD micro-gasifiers, which are still all concentrated in West Bengal.   SOMEDAY (not yet) there will be sufficient LPG and TLUD stoves in the same area for comparisons to be made.