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Dear Shengar,

Thank you for the input.

World figures are that about 3 billion persons have meals prepared on solid fuel (mostly biomass).   Family size (especially HOUSEHOLD size, referring to the number of people who eat together) should be 5 or 6, which would  put the number of households between 600 million and 500 million.   Those are the numbers that I prefer to use.

I agree with nearly a kilo of char produced per day per TLUD stove (confirmed in Deganga, India, study).  365 days would yield about a third of on ton of char per household.  3 household become a ton/yr.    30,000 HH would be 10,000 tons.  300,000,000 HH (about half of the needed cookstoves) would be 100,000,000 tons.

So it would take 10 years to reach one GIGA ton, which is 1,000,000,000 tons.   (Please check my math.)

In the Drawdown project, the time period is 2020 to2050, which is 3 decade, or “potentially” 3 gigatons of char sequestration.

3 GT is only 1/5th of the GT calculated for ALL cookstoves, and over 3 times more that what was calcualted for ALL biochar by 2050.  Clearly there is more to the drawdown calculations than the simple numbers above.


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The ballpark numbers I think Albert Bates has crunched but I play with these numbers:
About 1 billion households cook with biomass, so if all had TLUDs, producing about a kilo per day of biochar that would be some one million tons per day, 365 million tons per year, a gigaton of CO2 every 3 years. (accounting for other greenhouse gas reductions when biochar is put in soil)
And increased rates of soil carbon sequestration

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Dear Stovers and Biochar folk,

The financial part of advancing the TLUD stove situation (IMO) keeps coming back to the value of carbon offsets generated.   But that topic is too thinly related to the purpose of the Stoves Listserv or the Biochar Listserve.   So I will sending this message.

The stoves-related carbon-issues discussion (generating carbon credits, global drawdown, etc) need discussion.   So I request some assistance to find where this can be discussed.  Does such a place already exist?

Also, who among us want to be into that OTHER discussion?   Paul, Ron, and who else?



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