[Stoves] Re: Another attack on solid fuels by public health Stoves Digest, Vol 81, Issue 19

Karin (and all Stovers).

Thank you for your comments and for your reserarch.  

I reply to only your final paragraph, in which I have empahsized one sentence: 

Finally, we do not represent public health and promoting clean fuels when possible is not a war against solid fuels. It is my aspiration that one day everybody has access to clean fuels for all their needs, and this may require switching to electricity, biogas and other clean fuels (clean from the point of view of health). It may require the development of new technologies that may use solid fuels. Helping poor people to have access to LPG or electricity with a subsidy may be part of the solution.

Maybe there will be newer technololgies, but one solid-biomass-fuel technology for stoves already exists.   That is TLUD micro-gasifification.  I encourage you (and any readers) to become informed about TLUDs stoves.   Best starting place is my website:   drtlud.com  (too much to try to summarize here.)

Much work still remains to be done, but what is reality should be embraced and then the work can progress faster.

Specific to Latin America (especially Mexico and Central America) is the placement of TLUD firepower under the planchas for making tortillas.  More efforts would be appreciated.   Please contact me about that if interested.