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Nikhil wrote a reply to Crispin and to all of us:     (my emphasis added as    PSA:   ].)

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I happen to think WHO interjection in the ISO TC 285 process – in particular, Tier 4 PM2.5 hourly average emission rate target – drives a stake into the heart of solid fuels cookstove effort.

[PSA:   Absolutely correct.  Solid fuel ICS stoves are “Insufficient Cookstoves” with dated combustion technology that keeps hanging around and pretending to be “improved”, an over-used and no-longer meaningful word. ]

 So long as “international standards” and Tier certificates dominate policy discussions, with GACC insistence (the Implementation Science paper and previous work for the World Bank) on “permanent transition and exclusive use of clean cookstoves”, I don’t see stovers of the past getting out and helping users and their governments. 

TC 285 is a “top down” drive    [PSA:  True]    to clear the market for LPG.    [PSA:  Not necessarily true, but it is the reality unless the TLUD / woodgas stoves can get some serious support.}

I am puzzled that Ron, Tom, and other knowledgeable people fail to see this destruction of biomass stover community.

[PSA:  Again  Nikhil is correct.  ICS stoves are not sufficient any longer.    The destruction of SOLID FUEL  biomass stover community is overdue.   Too much time and money continue to go  to  weak “solutions” with  ICS stoves (which do not include woodgas/TLUD stoves).   See the stove classification document at

http://www.drtlud.com/2017/04/11/classification-stove-technologies-fuels/       ]

(BTW, how much has your “step forward” led to funding increase for solid fuel stove design and testing efforts in the field? Or is it still “more of the same”, however you choose to characterize the failures of the last 40 years?)

[PSA:  Please see the classification document cited above.   It is time to rally with support for the existing (but few) stove designs that can use solid fuel as INITIAL fuel and then make clean-burning GASES that are the actual fuel for the heat for cooking (as are the woodgas TLUD stoves.).   Otherwise, just hand over the serious efforts to the LPG advocates.  Nikhil is correct; in the past 40 years the ICS stoves (including the simple ones and the rocket ones and the charcoal ones) have not risen to the challenge for even 100 million stoves, even  with all the support from the PCIA and GACC and major donors like Shell Foundation plus the mega-efforts in past decades in India and China.    In contrast, woodgas/TLUD stoves have been left to starve for funds, or mis-directed funds. ]

[PSA comments above by Paul S Anderson]



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