[Stoves] Re: Interesting work on TLUD stoves from university of Adelaide

Stovers, (and onto the ePosts at www.drtlud.com for long term

With great pleasure I reemphasize the recent Stoves Listserv messages
about the significant work about TLUD stoves being done at the
University of Adelaide, Australia!!

On 8/6/2017 6:24 AM, Paul Medwell (a faculty member and leader in the
Adelaide efforts and on the TC-285 working group on standards) wrote:
> The following website contains [a listing and access to TLUD stove
> work at U of Adelaide]…
> mecheng.adelaide.edu.au/humtech/research/cookstove/
> Due to commitments to other funded projects, our cookstove work has
> been a side project for many years. However, with some greater support
> from the University, we are starting to build momentum in this area.
Go to the website, see the list, and click on the “Open All” link to
have access to all the reports.

This is good work that has not received much recognition. In 2010, some
of the student-authors of the first item (2011) attended a CHAB Camp
(Combined Heat and Biochar week-long workshop) in Port Byron, NSW,
Australia, conducted by Hugh McLaughlin, Paul Taylor and myself. They
arrived with their TLUD project already underway!!! No need to convince
them about TLUD qualities.

But since then, we have not heard much (certainly not enough) about the
U of Adelaide TLUD efforts. And now we see a list of 10 significant
items. I will be calling attention to them at the www.drtlud.com
website. I hope that all future (and on-going) TLUD items are brought
to the attention of the Stoves Listserv (sooner, rather than later).

I have not yet read all of these works. Somebody someday will include
them in a meta-study of TLUD research. The direction is quite
positive. But nothing is perfect. So there is further work to be done,
and comments to be made in other messages, but not here.

With appreciation to all who do or assist TLUD efforts!!


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