[Stoves] Re: New Handbook for Biomass Cookstove Research, Design, and Development

Xavier wrote:

>>One can not pretend to study and write about the current R&D in the cookstove sector and not be reading nor mentioning the Stove List.
I disagree.   I think they are not reading the list messages, and almost never mention even the existance of the Stoves Listserv.

In case anyone is curious,

 I, Paul Anderson, aka “Dr TLUD”, with 16 years of full-time involvement with TLUD stoves, with an active website specific about TLUD stoves,  and active on the Stove’s Listserve since 2001, can state that:

A.  I have NOT been contacted nor consulted about TLUD stoves by any of the major research and administrative entities or individuals, with the following exceptions:
1)  Mr. P. Mukundan in 2008, head of Servals in Chennai, India, with the result being the “Champion” TLUD.
2)  The Peace Corps (about 2011??) concerning their manual about cookstoves for Peace Corps use.
3)  Indirectly, because of my physical pressence and participation, I have spoken with many people at Stove Camps (with some great contacts such as Kirk Harris).
4)  Individuals, mainly beginners, whose subsequent work and reports is generally not at the level of authoritatiltve results.
5)  Mrs. Christa Roth several times, especially when she wrote the excellent book “Micro-gasification:….”, published by GIZ.
6)  Mr. David Lello, since 2015, about the development of the FAABulous TLUD-FA stoves (being tested and not yet released).
7)  A very new effort in Honduras (too soon to give results).
8)  Sorry if I have overlooked someone.

B.  A list the of persons and entities involved in instances of “missed opportunities” to get experienced TLUD comments (always for free) would read like a “Who’s Who” directory, so I choose to not name them.  But millions of research dollars have been spent with errors (both large and small) that could have so easily been avoided with some simple checking with me.

C.  My writings are very, very seldom cited in the bibliography or references sections of reports even when the topics have close links to TLUD stoves.

Please do not see the above statements as whining.  I am simply stating some TLUD realities that are supportive of Xavier’s comments about reseach and reports that somehow seem to be shallow or “old hat” or simply poorly informed. 

The status quo is powerful!!!  
Also the “not invented here” syndrome seems to keep people from using what others have already accomplished and reported.  
Also, because the attitude that “it is not rocket science” seems to make everyone think that they are an expert and that the details based on experience are not so important.

My consolation is in knowing that TLUD technology is now mainstream for cookstoves.  Progress is still slower than it should be or could be, but TLUDs are here to stay.

Personal note:  I started working on TLUD stoves in 2001 at age at age 57.  I am now 73 and still two years younger than Dr. Tom Reed was then when he introduced me to micro-gasification for cookstoves.  I am delighted with the younger generation of Stovers who are giving attention to TLUD stoves.  There is still so much to do.   And many careers will be based on TLUD technology in the near future.   Best wishes!!!


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