[Stoves] Re: Project Drawdown

To all, especially Anil, Ron, Nikhil, Andrew, and Jock,

Andrew, Porject Drawdown certainly has a strong cookstoves component (and char-producing TLUD stoves solidly links the stove and biochar components that are being discussed.).

Anil, please enlist your daughter into this discussion.   She has very valuable first-hand info about how the calculations were made.   I am sure that she will be interested in these discussions.   Are there other contributing authors who can be contacted?   Can Jock help with this, please? 

Ron and Nikhil, we are interested in ALL the assumptions of the 100 technologies (reduced to 80),  BUT we need to do our focused and strongest work about the fields that we best understand:  cookstoves and biochar.

WHY???   Cookstoves are in position number 21 (just behind nuclear), and biochar is number 72 (I think).   We need to re-assess the input data and see if the GigaTonne numbers (and rank numbers) should be changed.   Hawkin clearly emphasized that the caluculations were intentionally favoring CONSERVATIVE results.   We are not trying to recalculate in favorable term.   We want to be conservative and still show that cookstoves and biochar have been UNDERESTIMATED by significant amounts.

Cookstoves:  Just the TLUD realistic potential should move stoves from position #21 to perhaps #12 or higher.   AND factor in the IN ADDITION TO THE GT REDUCTIONS, there are so many ADDITIONAL benefits.   ALSO, the cost of accomplishing the cookstove goals is far less than the costs of many of the other technologies!!!    We want to see a $ per GT number for cookstoves.  Stoves could rank in the top 5 easiest and most cost effective technologies for the desired Drawdown!!!!

Biochar:  Similar statements as above.
Also, Ron wrote:

 As an example, why did they assume that biochar would only be associated with food (and not energy nor materials nor water quality nor fertilizer and irrigation savings – much less CDR [carbon dioxide removal] or simply improving land values)?  All are taking place today – with favorable economics.

Okay.  Said well.   Now substantiate each one of those (and other) “claims”. 

Project Drawdown has provided us with two opportunities to reply:  stoves and biochar.  If we do not develop this situation into an opportunity to press our points of view to the larger world-wide community, we will be missing a golden opportunity. 

We want our info to be into the news.   We want to be at the panel discussions of Drawdown technologies.

1st, do you agree with this approach?

2nd,  if there is sufficient “yes”, then we need to get started.   And that means getting more info about how the calculations have been made.

Suggestion:  the key word is Drawdown.   Please use that word in your subject lines IF you are writing about this topic, and then and a few words to describe you subject better.   Examples:  Drawdown – stoves – general     or    Drawdown – Biochar – data

In some ways, this is a test of our abilities to use the Listservs for advancement beyond talking to ourselves.