[Stoves] Skirt on institutional stoves

Stovers, especially Fred, Damon, Adam, Dale, Sam and Dean, and Jim Jetter.

First, Merry Christmas to all of you, everywhere!!

Now my stove topic:   What is known about using a skirt or double skirt
with institutional size stoves.   The heat source is not the issue
(Rocket, TLUD, LPG, other).   The issue is heat transfer and reduction
of fuel used, and not about emissions.

Dale has done work on skirts on regular-size pots, with (I believe)
results showing some but not so much impact as we would like.

The InStove folks (Fred, Damon and Adam) are (I believe) the front
runners on putting skirts onto large pots.   And they do it with a
DOUBLE skirt (heat up one side of the skirt next to the pot, then
downward on the other side of that skirt, withing an outer barrier
(cylinder) that even has some insulation.

Certainly Rocket and probably other institutional stoves with “imbedded
pots” or “sunken pots” are made and used.   I believe that they have
been measured by Aprovecho and EPA and testing centers, but maybe not
with comparative data without the skirts / brick surrounds.

So, the questions are:  are there results (we hope for numeric,
carefully collected data) that compares with some “baseline” or
“un-skirted” pot, about

1.  the impact of a single skirt.

2.  Impact of the double skirt

3.  with and without insulation.

I hope some data already exist and can be shared.

Objective:  is the extra expense of the skiirt (whatever configuration,
even the brick enclosure structure)  suficiently offset by the improved 
heat capture?

Thanks in advance!!   And Season’s Greetings to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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