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Jock and all Stovers and Biochar-producers

You ask about other simple TLUD designs.

There were many back in 2000 to 2004 especially. This was pre-Champion TLUD and the name TLUD (in 2005) Tincanium ruled. Lots of interest by backpackers. One I remember is the “Midge” Search the web for midge stove. Find plenty.


Not much became commercial. This should be eventually added to the TLUD history document.

And then there is the “Classic” of tincanium, the 1G Toucan by Hugh McLaughlin (2010), See it at: http://www.drtlud.com/?resource=prt10130

My son Simon is a high school teacher of technology (wood, metal, graphics, etc). Each year his students do a variation of the 1G Toucan. The main difference is that Simon’s version uses as the lower (fuel) container a #10 food-canning can (which are free from the school cafeteria). I just thought of a name for it: #10 Toucan, that gives recognition to McLaughlin’s line of “Toucan” stoves (Note: Toucan is a tropical bird with a very large beak, and the name is a play on words of “two-can”. Actually, the stove is 2.5 cans, but who is counting?

Instead, McLaughlin’s classic uses a one-gallon paint can that has the wonderful arrangement for a tight-fitting lid to extinquish the char, but are more difficult to find (and the used ones have dried paint in them) or cost a couple of dollars each (which can be beyond the budget in high school classrooms..

McLaughlin’s 1G Toucan is primarily designed to make biochar, and has no provision for holding a pot. Similary, Simon’s #10 Toucan does not support a pot. Instead, the students put their heat source under some rack that will hold up the por. One popular pot support is made from a standard wire-cone for holding tomato plants. And a few cement blocks or bricks can hold uo metal Bar-B-Que grate. The “cooking day” is a highlight for the students, with everything from Smore’s to fried eggs and some imaginative cooking.

Maybe Simon will finally make his operational plans and lesson plans available for everyone. (No pressure, Son. But it is time to do it. A family project with Chris, Jessy and Zoey this summer.) The results will be on drtlud.com as soon as anything is ready.


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