Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction and General Website Information

The Dr TLUD website is a comprehensive online reference for TLUD technology. To help manage the ongoing additions of new and historical content, we use WordPress software to power this website. If you are a first-time visitor or are unfamiliar with the features and navigation typically employed by WordPress-powered websites, please be sure to continue reading for a more detailed overview.

This website is built using the WordPress content management system with carefully-defined categories, tags, and various other features we believe best facilitate content navigation and access. Our website also incorporates a unique “Direct Navigation” feature which we’ve created for special matrix or table-based link collections (more on this below).

Posts are typically classified by broad groupings known as categories, and any given post may be classified under more than one category. Posts are also classified by tags, which are more specific classifiers used to reflect a greater degree of a post’s detail. In the footer section of this page are lists of clickable category and tag names which (when clicked) trigger searches for posts under the clicked classification. Matched posts are displayed in abbreviated panel form in reverse chronological order.

Apart from category, tag, and date classifiers, the Dr TLUD website has a unique “Direct Navigation” feature which displays on mouse-hover tables of links for direct navigation to selected important or popular posts, publications, and/or other multimedia items.

If you have TLUD-related news and/or content you wish to have included on this website, please contact the website administrator (admin@drtlud.com).

As always, we welcome your comments and/or suggestions for improvement. Thank you.

How May I Contact Dr TLUD (Paul S. Anderson, PhD)?

Since Dr TLUD’s efforts involve frequent travel (typically more than 120 days per year), email is the most reliable way to reach him. Please see the Contact Information page for contact details.

How May I Contact The Website Administrator?

Please send an email to admin@drtlud.com