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Ten TLUD Activities with Direct Dr TLUD Network Participation in 2015-2016

The quite recent worldwide enthusiasm for Top-Lit UpDraft (TLUD) micro-gasification has stimulated numerous independent TLUD activities. The TLUD projects that have DIRECT involvement by Dr TLUD are summarized by geographic area, including their interrelationships via Paul Anderson. Others are invited to join.

A. Africa:

1. Uganda and Kenya: Awamu Biomass Energy is revisiting and refining the TChar variation of TLUDs, including incorporating the Jiko Koa charcoal stove by Burn Manufacturing.
2. Ghana: The Ghana Gasifier Stove Network is already operational with production of ND (Natural Draft) TLUDs, some FA (Fan Assisted) TLUDs, local fuels of pellets (by Abellon) and bamboo, with pilot projects in selected communities.
3. South Africa: Ekasi Energy is developing its FAABulous (Fan Assisted Appliance Base) product including a US$10 TLUD-FA gasifier, 3 options of electrical power in its appliance base, and associated household amenities.
4. Cameroon, Sierra Leone, and Ethiopia: Solid contacts are leading to new initiatives.

B. Latin America:

5. Guatemala: Introduction of TLUD stoves and biochar for environmental protection (and human health) in the basin of Lake Atitlan.
6. Haiti: TLUD stoves specifically for low-density briquette fuel, with attention to biochar for anthropedogenesis on weak Haitian soil.

C. Asia: (see also 8 & 9)

7. India: Continuing work with Servals, including product innovations and project efforts.

D. Multi-national efforts about types of micro-gasification:

8. Bangladesh and Canada: Work with Mahbubul Islam and Canadian Julien Winter for TLUD stoves with clay and brick components for lower costs.
9. Vietnam and USA: Continuing efforts for development of a TLUD-RH-F2A stove (TLUD for rice husk fuel with forced secondary air).
10. Guatemala, El Salvador, USA (Hawaii & Illinois), Ghana and Brazil: Controlled Covered, Continuous Cavity (C4) kilns using “flame curtain” techniques for biochar production, with special emphasis on bamboo feedstock.